Lakers Legend James Worthy Discusses Regret, Old School Basketball and Today’s Softer NBA

Gabe Zaldivar

James Worthy sits back and smiles, takes in the question for a moment and dives in, offering one story after another.

It’s truly a joy to be in front of someone like Worthy, even if it’s only through a Zoom meeting. But I am so thrilled that we can share that discussion with you now.

The En Fuego Podcast is back with Episode 2, which is an honest discussion with the 59-year-old Lakers legend.

Our initial conversation took place on May 5, when the world was just getting used to an absurd new normal, isolating from friends and family due to a Covid-19 pandemic.

This episode also includes audio from a phone call I had with Worthy about a month later, when the world was embroiled in the anguish and anger over the death of George Floyd.

The end of this episode includes Worthy’s thoughts on an America that has never been about equity, not truly. And the scars of past wounds that never seem to heal fully.

You will also get his initial reaction to what was a big story on June 4. Saints quarterback Drew Brees, at the time, offered thoughts on athletes kneeling during the national anthem.

Brees has since changed his perspective and is dedicated to educating himself through open discourse with others.

The episode is filled with brilliant insight from the man who played against Michael Jordan and alongside the greatest point guard of all-time, Magic Johnson.

This is one of those history lessons you don’t want to miss.