Lorena Ochoa Discusses Success, Retirement and the Future of Golf in Mexico

Gabe Zaldivar

Lorena Ochoa is a legend. While she retired at the age of 28 in 2010, she hasn’t walked away from the game.

Ochoa stops by the En Fuego Podcast to discuss all the things she has been up to since she retired and goes into specifics on her rapid ascent to the top of the game.

We also get the chance to chat with Rafael Alarcon, Ochoa’s golf coach who is now running the Lorena Ochoa Golf Academies.

Alarcon delves into a great many things. He has a unique perspective on Ochoa’s career, being there from pretty much the beginning to see her grow not only as a golfer but as a human being.

“She saw herself at some point becoming the best player in the world,” he tells En Fuego. “She saw herself being a family woman. She saw herself as a leader. And she worked hard to get there.”

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The show starts off with Ochoa who discusses how she found the sport and her journey to its top. We also talk about this crazy year and a pandemic that has us all very much changing the way in which we live.

Ochoa brings optimism to a very difficult situation. "Because, I travel so much and I work so much, having this quality time with my kids, it's been really, really special.”

Thanks to her legacy and hard work, she and Alarcon have seen golf mature in Mexico. It’s no longer a sport relegated to a select few but more universally beloved.

And the future is bright with more and more golfers making their way onto the tour.

“There are more than a hundred girls and boys practice in the game,” Ochoa said of what she has seen at her club alone. “Just to be able to see how much the game is growing in the country. And it's amazing. It's something very special. I'm very proud to say that.”

Ochoa may have retired a decade ago, but you quickly discover that her work is far from finished. She is now a mother, foundation organizer, golf course designer and beacon of what this sport can become.

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