Meet Some of the Best Sports Charities in The Game Right Now

Gabe Zaldivar

A long, difficult year is coming to a close. It’s a moment to give special thanks to people who have not only made it bearable but possible. I’m talking about the amazing people who run some of the hardest working charities in sports.

This has been an amazing and eye-opening podcast season. We’ve met some brilliant people and discovered inspiring stories.

For our Season 1 finale, we are tipping our respective hats to some truly great foundations.

Sit back and listen to the amazing work that is being done by the following foundations: 4Mom; The Jaime and Blanca Jarrin Foundation; Baseball for All; Soccer Without Borders; and The Notah Begay III Foundation.

Each foundation targets a much-needed area of concern and was started in its own wonderfully unique manner.

4MOM was Braden Bishop’s way to honor his mother who passed away after her battle with Alzheimer’s. The work they do raises awareness and donations, both of which will help us all combat something that decimates so many families.

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The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation is an answer to the concerning levels of childhood obesity and diabetes that affect Native American communities. NB3 remains vigilant in its resolve to give the youth options for healthy and active living.

The Jaime and Blanca Foundation honors Blanca Jarrin, the late wife of famed Dodgers announcer Jaime Jarrin. The organization is committed to giving out scholarships, granting access and opportunity.

Baseball for All is Justine Siegal’s answer to baseball’s inability to incorporate the other half of the population that yearns to toss the ball around the diamond. So many young girls are dying to play baseball but lack access. Baseball for All is working to change that.

Soccer Without Borders is as it sounds, a way to use the simplicity of soccer for the profound result of raising the camaraderie and inclusion in under-resourced communities.

These are just a few of some amazing foundations that are making positive changes around the world. And we are so honored to have spoken with them.


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