Nike Highlights Kyrie Irving With Latest N7 Collection

Gabe Zaldivar

For over 10 years, Nike has dedicated the N7 fund to promote wellness among indigenous communities.

The latest N7 collection, which includes a Kyrie Irving sneaker, is specifically geared to wellness, invoking the soothing colors of natural remedies.

The just-launched Summer 2020 N7 collection is a visual respite, leaning heavily on a pastel colorway that will have you sighing in absolute bliss.

This summer’s rollout features the sleek, vibrant Air Max 90 N7 that “represent the natural beauty and continuous forward momentum,” according to Nike.

The Nike N7 Air Max 90
Photo Credit: Nike N7 Fund

Sneakerheads will also appreciate the quilt-design of the new Kyrie 6 N7.

Nike N7 Kyrie 6
Photo Credit: Nike N7 Fund

Kyrie Irving’s mother was a descendant of the Standing Rock Sioux. In 2018, Irving was blessed by a tribe elder and given the Lakota name Little Mountain, via ESPN.

“Our (he and his sister) journeys have been directed in so many different ways, but yet we are still standing here embracing each other as if we haven't lost any time," Irving said at the time. "It's really special for me to be here because I lost my mom at a very young age, and I had no idea about the history and how inclusive this group is and what it means to part of the Sioux tribe."

The quilt design across the sneaker holds special meaning. According to Nike, the star represents “the long history of Lakota quilt design, and the mountain stands for his Lakota name, Hela or Little Mountain.”

The N7 fund continues its legacy of promoting wellness and physical activity, education and career development within indigenous communities with grants to myriad tribal organizations.

It’s a project closely tied to the Seven Generations teaching widely used throughout Native American communities.

In essence, we are tied through education to generations that precede us and those that will come after. Our actions affect those generations giving added weight to issues like community wellness.

This summer the Native Wellness Institute (NWI), which was founded in 2000, is among those to receive a grant. The NWI runs a program called the Indigenous 20 Something Project (I20SP).

At the heart of the movement is a call to end the vicious cycle of intergenerational trauma at the hands of colonization and centuries of marginalization.

Part of the healing is having an open and honest conversation as to the myriad issues that face each and every tribal community.

The project started on a relative whim as 17 indigenous men and women came together in Grande Ronde Reservation back in 2017.

The conference was a way for the youth to come together and better investigate what healing means to their specific generation and what actions they can do to bring about that necessary healing.

"Growing up, we were taught that wellness is supported by the physical, the spiritual, the emotional and the mental," said project coordinator Shalene Joseph. "It's the same balance of health that supports our approach within Indigenous 20 Something Project. When we address our mental health, for example, the effects pour into every other area of our life, including our physical well-being. It's a journey that our young people will lead for the rest of their lives."

Nike’s latest N7 collection is a spectacular showcase and an important example of a brand pushing style with substance.

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