The Odds For a LaVar Ball vs. Michael Jordan Game are Here And They’re a Joke

Gabe Zaldivar

Somewhere along the line this world just started listening to people who spoke louder than everyone else. And there is no bigger voice in the room than LaVar Ball.

It’s the only feasible reason that when the odds came out for a hypothetical one-on-one game between the greatest player to ever play and some dad in the stands, the odds wouldn’t be all that astronomical.

Alas, that’s what Odds Shark has in what will be fodder for those Zoom calls we all have planned for Thanksgiving Day.

Here is the moneyline for a one-on-one game—sport's least interesting fever dream—between Michael Jordan and LaVar Ball. 

For the uninitiated, -165 the above means you would have to plunk down $165 to win $100 bucks if Jordan won this fictitious game that would never actually take place. Then again, 2020.

The odds really should be (-your first born) if the odds were based on things like reality and, you know, basketball skill accumulated over a lifetime.

The reason this is even a thing is that back in 2017 Ball proclaimed he would annihilate Jordan in a game. Instead of ignoring the obvious delusions of a real-life Al Bundy the world kind of grabbed onto this and saved it for the perfect time, when Ball’s son LaMelo Ball was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, a team owned by Jordan.

LaMelo actually had to entertain the question of who would win in speaking with reporters last week. About the possibility of a game, the younger Ball simply said that he “doesn’t think it’s going to happen.”

As for any thoughts on the result, Ball joked, “And I think we know how it would turn out, to be honest,” according to the New York Post.

Pressed on the subject, Ball said, “Well, I mean it is my pops and my boss, so I’m on both sides now.”

But now we get to savor the possibility just a little bit more. Like one more bite from the Thanksgiving spread.

With these remarkably trying times, it’s best to put our faith in hope. It’s a time to relish optimism where we can find it.

It’s time to celebrate the chance that Jordan actually walks down the steps of the practice facility, throws some beat-up Jordans at LaVar and gives us all the shortest game to 10 in the history of the sport.

Of course, this game will never happen but one can hope. 

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