CoD Gamers Don’t Know What DLC Means - Black Ops 6 Download Explained

Wondering why Black Ops 6 is listed as a DLC? Here’s why
Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise has seen a brand new game launch every single year for over two decades, and this has always meant a new disc or a new application digital download on your Console or PC. However, Black Ops 6 is labeled as “DLC”, but it’s made by a different studio to Modern Warfare 3, and is a completely different game. So it can't be… right?

Following the listing of Black Ops 6 on Steam, many fans are confused as to why it is labeled as a DLC. With some saying “4 years just to be a dlc. Treyarch's fall off needs to be studied.” and many fans quoting the classic “$70 for a DLC is wild.”

Is Black Ops 6 DLC?

No. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is not a DLC. It is a brand new title developed by Treyarch. However, many Call of Duty fans are simply misunderstanding what a “DLC” truly is, and how the Call of Duty HQ works.

In 2023 ahead of the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Call of Duty HQ was released. The Call of Duty HQ was created to make it “easier to select which game and modes you wish to play.” This means that the Call of Duty HQ features every Call of Duty from Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and onwards.

Due to this, Call of Duty HQ is the “launcher” for every other Call of Duty game. As a result, every Call of Duty since will no longer be a standalone application, and instead will be “DLC” for the Call of Duty HQ application.

The definition of DLC: “additional content created for an already released video game” may be misleading, so it's understandable why many fans are confused. However, rest assured that Black Ops 6 is not a DLC for Modern Warfare III, and is not the same game. Instead, it’s just an easier way for players to find all Call of Duty titles and Warzone in the same application, making it easier to switch between games.

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