Massive Crossbow Nerf - MW3 & Warzone June 11 Patch Notes

The crossbow has finally been nerfed in Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty

Ever since the Crossbow was introduced to Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 4 it has been extremely overpowered. Well, in the June 11 update, it finally receives a nerf. This will definitely change the Warzone meta, and hopefully return the game to a more balanced state. Here’s the full patch notes for Tuesday, June 11.

Modern Warfare 3 Patch Notes


  • Deselecting a Conversion Kit in the Gunsmith will no longer result in Weapons with unintended statistics or visual properties.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be kicked back to the menu while viewing Event Camos.
  • After Action Reports will now display the total number of DNA samples collected, rather than tier requirements.
  • Improved performance of navigating Custom Loadouts in the Gunsmith.
  • Hovering the Critical Countdown Mastery Reward will no longer kick the player to the menu.



Survivors can now earn the DNA Bomb upon a 25 Killstreak.
Added six new Survivor Loadouts that are randomly chosen in each match.

  • Haymaker (Shotgun), COR-45 (Handgun), Thermobaric Grenade (Lethal), Snapshot Grenade (Tactical), Portable Radar (Field Upgrade)
  • Lockwood 680 (Shotgun), COR-45 (Handgun), Drill Charge (Lethal), Tear Gas (Tactical), Deployable Cover (Field Upgrade)
  • WSP Swarm (Submachine Gun), Gutter Knife (Melee), C4 (Lethal), Battle Rage (Tactical), Munitions Box (Field Upgrade)
  • FR 5.56 (Assault Rifle), TYR (Handgun), Proximity Mine (Lethal), Decoy Grenade (Tactical), Munitions Box (Field Upgrade)
  • KATT-AMR (Sniper Rifle), Renetti (Handgun), Claymore (Lethal), Stun Grenade (Tactical), Munitions Box (Field Upgrade)
  • Riot Shield (Melee), TYR (Handgun), Semtex (Lethal), Scatter Mine (Tactical), Suppression Mine (Field Upgrade)

Weapons & Attachments

Submachine Guns

  • AMR9
    JAK Atlas Conversion Kit
    Fixed an issue causing more damage than intended to be dealt when bullets hit the helmet area of an Operator’s head.


  • KV Broadside
    JAK Jawbreaker
    Fixed an issue preventing Muzzle Attachments from being equipped.

Sniper Rifles

  • Kar98k
    Removed incompatible CS15 Scarlet Box Laser Attachment.
    No Stock Attachment will no longer cause Optics to become obstructed.


  • EMD Grenade/Mine (Tactical)
    Decreased tracker ping delay from 250ms to 50ms (-80%).
    Decreased tracker ping radius from 2.5m to 0.6m (-75%).
    Due to the decreased ping radius, Operators who are behind cover are no longer pinged by a teammate with an active tracker device.


  • I.M.S.
    Fixed an issue preventing stat collection for the Combat Record.
  • Swarm
    Fixed an issue causing drones to not patrol the playspace on Emergency and Tokyo.
    While the Streaks Earn Streaks modifier is active, Swarm kills now contribute progress toward earning the next Killstreak.
Warzone Resurgence Ranked Image
Call of Duty

Warzone Patch Notes


Removed Thermobaric Grenades from Gulag loadouts.



  • AMR9
    JAK Atlas Conversion Kit
    Fixed an issue causing more damage than intended to be dealt when bullets hit the helmet area of an Operator’s head.

Marksman Rifle

Blastcap 20" Bolts
Stuck damage decreased to 110, down from 200.
Inner damage decreased to 110, down from 150.
Outer damage decreased to 35, down from 50.

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