MultiVersus Breaks 100K Concurrent Players...Again

The Warner Bros. platform fighter MultiVersus shattered every fighting game metric during its beta. Now, the co-op combat game seems to be headed for even more records on its return trip.

According to Steam's in-game player measurement, the game has already broken 100K concurrent players once again within just a few hours of launch.

multiversus news page

During it's beta test period in 2022, MultiVersus shocked the world by reaching over 10 million players. On Steam alone, the game exceeded every fighting game the platform had ever seen by reaching more than 150 thousand concurrent players.

Brawlhalla, Multiversus' most direct competitor, sits at a peak of 34K lifetime.

Multiversus was able to generate significant hype in the days leading up to its official launch on May 28, 2024, releasing trailers for highly anticipated characters including The Joker, The Matrix's Agent Smith, and surprise entry Jason from the Friday the 13th film franchise. The game remains free to play and stands apart from other titles in the genre by focusing on 2v2 combat.

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Trent Murray


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