10 Characters We'd Like To See In Street Fighter 6's Season 2

Here's to hoping we see some of these characters come to SF6 sooner rather than later!
Image: Capcom

With Akuma's release we brought the first chapter of Street Fighter 6 to a close. But that means that the cycle starts once more and we again speculate on which characters are coming to SF6. Season 1 was riddled with leaks and fans ended up prematurely knowing the first season of DLC fighters fairly early on. But now, we're all in the dark. So here are some speculative ideas on who might be coming to SF6.

1. Makoto

CHESTO! / Image: Capcom

One of the most beloved (and feared) characters in the Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Makoto is due for an update. She appeared in Ultra Street Fighter IV but was virtually unchanged from her Street Fighter III version. With SF6 taking place after SFIII it would be interesting to see what she’s been up to.

2. Crimson Viper

We need Thunder Knuckle back!
We need Thunder Knuckle back! / Image: Capcom

Shockingly, Crimson Viper has only appeared in one mainline Street Fighter game - SFIV. Since then her fellow debutante in the SFIV series, Juri, hasn’t missed a game. C. Viper would be a great addition to the SF6 roster and would be a huge salute to SFIV fans that have only seen one character persist into the later games.  She made a cameo in Juri's story in World Tour so we know she's still in the shadows somewhere.

3. M. Bison (again?!)

Image: Capcom

M. Bison is still the big bad of Street Fighter. No matter what his actions and influence still reverberate through the lore of the series. But what if this wasn't the typical Bison. We know from the lore that he has the power to change bodies but retain his soul/consciousness. What if the Bison in SF6....didn't look like the one we're used to?

4. New Character

It’s almost a given that we’d get someone new in SF6 again. A.K.I. isn’t exactly the most played character in the game, but she’s something different. Capcom has a massive roster of characters it can pull from as well. So if it’s just a debutante to the series or someone completely new, there’s a good chance that there will be a fresh face coming in Season 2.

5. Menat

She's really cool actually.
She's really cool actually. / Image: Capcom

One of the newest characters in the series, Menat was praised for her Egyptian-themed design and super technical play style. Seeing as how she's the spiritual successor to another technical character, Rose, she'll be a breath of fresh air for those looking for a deep and rewarding gameplay style that isn't super dependent on SF6's aggressive mechanics.

6. Vega

More. Spanish. Ninja.
More. Spanish. Ninja. / Image: Capcom

With the addition of Ed, Balrog seems a bit less likely this time around for DLC. However, that doesn’t mean that some of M. Bison’s former cronies shouldn’t still show up. And if there’s one that should appear it's Vega. He’s got one of the most unique play styles in the whole series and has made appearances in the SFII/IV/V, Alpha 3, the Capcom vs. SNK games. The Spanish Ninja must return.

7. Sagat

Tiger x1000
Tiger x1000 / Image: Capcom

It almost doesn't feel like Street Fighter without Sagat. Even though he’d rank as one of the older fighters in the series, the inclusion of E. Honda, Dhalsim and Akuma shouldn’t keep him out of the running. We also don't have a Muay Thai representative in SF6 yet, and Sagat is easily the best of that bunch.

8. Elena

*Shudders in fear*
*Shudders in fear* / Image: Capcom

The Kenyan Capoeira fighter who only wants to make friends would strike fear in the hearts of SF IV vets. Elena was known for her "Healing" super move, which did exactly what it sounded like. It was so effective in that game that she often could heal herself multiple times a round. But she's still a cool character and a fan favorite.

9. G

It IS an election year...
It IS an election year... / Image: Capcom

G was a polarizing character upon his release in Street Fighter V in 2018. He was a confusing character that didn’t seem to have any real connections to the cast outside of some obscure references to SF III’s Q. However, G is a character that had a very unique set of attacks and powers that made him stand out from most of the cast. Seeing his return would be a good opportunity to see his story get fleshed out in the World Tour mode.

10. Sean

Let the kid redeem himself!
Let the kid redeem himself! / Image: Capcom

Sean, on the other hand, was maligned as the worst character in all of Third Strike. But in SF III: 2nd Impact, he was easily the top fighter in that version. Lore-wise, he’s Ken’s pupil and it’s shocking that we would hear nothing from him after all that’s happened to Ken in the story of SF6. We've gotten Sakura in many versions of Street Fighter, but not Sean, so it'll be cool to see him return. He's also the younger brother of SFV's Laura.

Norris Howard