How to Find All Weapon Bunkers in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Bunkers in Fortnite carry various items including weapons, rare chests, and more.
Bunkers in Fortnite carry various items including weapons, rare chests, and more. /

In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, many things have been added to keep you constantly busy. There are new items, a new battle pass, more bunkers, and even a secret bunker to find.

There are actually nine bunkers for you to discover. Each one will be carrying various loot including rare chests for extra loot making the search for these bunkers worthwhile.

Bunkers In Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 3

Luckily, just about all of the bunkers in Season 5 Chapter 3 of Fortnite are in the same location as they were previously. However, there is one that is in the new biome as well.

Keep in mind that when it comes to bunkers, you can only access 5 of them per match. You will know when you hear an alarm or find the alarm symbol that marks certain areas on the map. Otherwise, the doors to the bunkers are impenetrable. Speaking of which, the secret bunker south of the Grand Glacier as of right now can not be accessed though that will hopefully change soon.

Inside the bunkers, you will find some high-tier loot caches along with a mod bench where you can upgrade your weapons and some epic chests that will give you some extra loot. With these mod benches, you will need Gold Bars to install any weapon attachments. You'll find the following in each of the bunkers.

  • Around 3 rare chests
  • Ammo crates
  • Weapon Mod Bench
  • Weapon Cases
  • Gold Bars

1. East of Lavish Lair

The Lavish Lair bunker is just across the river.
The location of this bunker is east of Lavish Lair. /

You'll find this bunker across the river, just east of the Lavish Lair on the map.

2. South of Rebel's Roost

West of Lavish Lair, south of Rebel's Roost will be the location of this bunker.
The location of this bunker is south of Rebel's Roost. /

This bunker can be found south of Rebel's Roost, just east of the river flowing through this area.

3. West of Underworld

This is The Underworld bunker found near the coast in Fortnite.
This bunker is located west of The Underworld, just on the coast. /

Heading west of Underworld, you'll find this bunker near the coast.

4. Southwest of Grim Gate

The Grim Gate bunker in Fortnite can be found near the river bend.
This bunker is found southwest from Grim Gate, just below the river bend. /

Southwest of the Grim Gate you'll find this bunker near the river that flows down from the Underworld.

5. South of Pleasant Piazza

The Pleasant Piazza bunker is just south of the road in Fortnite.
Head just south of Pleasant Piazza and you'll find this bunker. /

This bunker will be just south of the Pleasant Piazza. It will be just northwest of what looks like a tiny lake on the map.

6. South of Nitrodrome

The Nitrodrome bunker can be found right across the river in Fortnite.
South of Nitrodrome will be this bunker resting next to the river. /

South of Nitrodrome and just across the river will be this bunker.

7. Northwest of Mount Olympus

This bunker is northwest from Mount Olympus in Fortnite.
The bunker in Mount Olympus will be northwest in this region. /

Slightly northwest of Mount Olympus you will find this bunker before you hit Nitrodrome.

8. North of Mount Olympus

A bunker is located in the northern part of Mount Olympus in Fortnite.
Head north from Mount Olympus and you'll find another bunker. /

North of Mount Olympus, before you reach Reckless Railways there will be another bunker.

9. North of Reckless Railways

North of Grand Glacier will be a bunker on the border of Reckless Railways.
The Grand Glacier bunker is found in the northern part of the region. /

This bunker will be in the middle point between Classy Courts and Reckless Railways.

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