New Map and New Duelist Mechanics: VALORANT Patch 8.11

Abyss arrives with VALORANT Patch 8.11, as well as some drastic duelist adjustments.
VALORANT Patch 8.11 summarized in a handy image.
VALORANT Patch 8.11 summarized in a handy image. / Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 8.11 is finally here and brings a massive list of updates. Players can expect a new map, overall map pool changes, intense Duelist changes and plenty of game mode alterations and quality-of-life fixes. After major remodeling, Neon, Iso, Reyna, Raze and Clove's kits will be unrecognizable. In addition, the new map Abyss will receive a unique 5-v-5 game mode to familiarize players before arriving in Patch 9.0. Here's everything about Patch 8.11 and how it affects your favorite VALORANT Duelists.

How is VALORANT Patch 8.11 changing the map pool?

VALORANT players can finally experience Abyss in a new 5-v-5 game mode.
VALORANT players can finally experience Abyss in a new 5-v-5 game mode. / Riot Games

Breeze and Split will exit the VALORANT map pool in patch 8.11. Haven and Abyss will replace them. Haven is a classic VALORANT map with three sites and long-range angles on A and C. Abyss is a brand-new VALORANT map. It is the first map in the game with no boundaries and features several dangerous parkour spots. Haven will immediately appear in VALORANT's competitive map pool, but Abyss will have a 5-v-5 game mode for players to become familiar with before its final introduction in upcoming Patch 9.0.

Maps leaving VALORANT in 8.11:

  • Breeze
  • Split

Maps arriving in VALORANT Patch 8.11:

  • Haven
  • Abyss (5-v-5 only until Patch 9.0)

Final Patch 8.11 Competitive and Premier Map Pool: ASCENT, BIND, ICEBOX, LOTUS, SUNSET, and HAVEN.

Console Beta Map Pool: ABYSS, ASCENT, BIND, and HAVEN.

New Abyss Game Mode

  • VALORANT now offers a 5-v-5 Unrated Abyss mode to familiarize players with the new map.
  • The Abyss game mode will be available for a week.

How is VALORANT Patch 8.11 changing duelists and other agents?

Neon will deliver serious damage when she slides on opponents in Patch 8.11.
Neon will deliver serious damage when she slides on opponents in Patch 8.11. / Riot Games

Patch 8.11 aims to level the playing field between duelists so all can perform with even impact. Riot Games states in its patch notes that "this update is aimed to allow other Duelists to compete with Agents like Jett and Raze that excel at taking space for their team through sheer speed and mobility." The update provides major buffs to Iso and Neon, enhancing their space-taking abilities. Meanwhile, Reyna receives a balancing adjustment which decreases her Devour healing but provides overall improvements to her abilities. Finally, Raze receives a severe nerf impacting her satchel lineups and movement kit.

Clove is also receiving a severe nerf. After the agent's recent introduction, they have been an extremely common pick in competitive lobbies. Clove's performance has simple been too strong, so Riot Games is adjusting abilities so other controllers also have a chance to shine.


Double Tap (E)

  • Iso now grants himself a shield upon finishing a 1 second animation, without shooting an orb.
  • Double Tap (E) has 2 charges instead of one.
  • Double Tap (E) kill resets and adds a charge after 2 kills.
  • Iso is slowed less upon shield breaking.
  • Iso has a damage indicator towards the direction of the enemy that broke his shield.
  • Iso can recast Double Tap (E) while it's active to refresh shield duration.


Fast Lane (C)

  • Fast Lane (C) now disappears from behind so Neon has more cover.
  • Fast Lane (C)'s wall duration has decreased from 6 > 4 seconds.
  • Fast Lane (C)'s wall dissolve time has increased from 1 > 2 seconds.

High Gear (E)


  • Neon's strafe speed no longer reduces while sprinting.
  • Sideways max strafe speed increased from 6.73 m/s > 9.11 m/s
  • Fuel regen time decreased 60s > 20s


  • Slide charges increased 1 > 2
  • Neon has no movement error while sliding.
  • Neon's second slide cost is now 150 credits.
  • Neon equips her gun after sliding in only 0.2 seconds

Relay Bolt (Q)

  • Charges decreased 2 > 1
  • Windup delay decreased 1.1s > 8s
  • Concuss duration increased from 3.0s > 3.5s


Devour (Q)

  • Healing decreased from 100 > 50
  • Full heal time reduced from 3s > 2s
  • Overheal no longer has a timer.

Dismiss (E)

  • Top speed while dismissed: 9.1 m/s > 12 m/s
  • Total duration: 2 seconds > 1.5 seconds

Empress (X)

  • Empress is now permanent until Reyna dies or the round ends.


Blast Pack (Q)

  • Raze's satchels no longer damage or knock back an opponent when destroyed.
  • Raze's horizontal velocity mid-satchel is decreased.
  • Satchel explosion audio now reaches a farther distance so enemies can hear Raze's first satchel in double-satchel lineups.


Pick-Me-Up (C)

  • Cost increased 100 > 200 credits
  • Duration decreased 10 > 8 seconds
  • Damaging assist activation time decreased from 10 > 6 seconds

Not Dead Yet (X)

  • Cost increased 7 > 8 ult points
  • Unequip delay increased 0.7 > 0.8 seconds
  • Major bug fix: Clove's ultimate no longer survives fight state if they achieve a smoke assist.

What else is changing in VALORANT Patch 8.11?

VALORANT Console's Limited Beta is almost here. Riot Games is updating both Console and PC versions in Patch 8.11.
VALORANT Console's Limited Beta is almost here. Riot Games is updating both Console and PC versions in Patch 8.11. / Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 8.11's main impact is its map addition and duelist changes, but Riot Games also prepared plenty of quality-of-life updates and refreshers for VALORANT's modes and UI. As VALORANT Console's limited beta release approaches (players can register here), Patch 8.11 provides plenty of information about VALORANT Console updates and mechanics.

Esports Features

Esports Hub

  • Esports hub rosters now have roles for players, substitutes and coaches.
  • Added blurbs highlighting team and player personalities and accomplishments in VCT Americas and VCT Pacific.

Gameplay System Updates

Radio Command Wheels

  • Ping command wheels now have more variety and better callouts.
  • Changes include:
    • New Strategy Wheels during the Buy Phase
    • Unique Strategy Wheels for Attackers and Defenders
    • New Commands Wheel on the Megamap
    • Updated options on existing Command Wheels
    • Updated VO on existing Commands Menu (PC only)
    • Streamlined Wheels to feature our most important command options


  • A "New Player Tips" system will display relevant information based on player actions during a match.
  • Returning players will not receive "New Player Tips".
  • The Console Range has been updated.
  • Console players have a Basic Training tutorial and a Bot Training match.
  • Players can replay the tutorial.

Player Behavior

  • The report system has increased severity for players attempting to exploit remakes to leave a match.

Social Systems Update

  • PC: Friends list now displays VALORANT console players.
  • Console: Voice chat prioritizes team voice.

Premier Updates

  • Teams that perform well receive promotion notifications after playoffs.
  • The Contender Division progresses to the Invite Division, where players compete for a spot in the Challengers League.

Store Updates

  • Ally utility is visible on team members.
  • Visual update on the Store for clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer stand on Killjoy's turret while in a corner.
  • Fixed an issue causing Brimstone's ultimate VFX not to appear.
  • Fixed several Clove ability issues.
  • Fixed several graphic issues related to bullet tracers and Combat Reports.

Patch 8.11 is one of VALORANT's biggest updates yet. While the sheer number of changes is intimidating, the changes will bring a fresh experience for all players, especially Duelist mains! Enjoy the new Abyss mode and stay tuned for more VALORANT updates!

Gabby DeSena