Can't Find Game Error in XDefiant Is Annoying During Launch

XDefiant is finally here but you might not be able to join a game. Find out how to solve the can't find game error

XDefiant is finally here but players have been struggling to find a game the past few days. Here is how to deal with this frustrating issue in XDefiant.

Ubisoft's long-awaited shooter was delayed countless times, creating tension in the FPS community. But loyal gamers held out hope thanks to developer updates and a promising concept. Now, the game is finally live and has introduced gamers to five playable factions and five different game modes across 14 maps. Unfortunately, some players can't fully experience the game thanks to an issue that keeps popping up.

Devs Respond to Can't Find Game Error in XDefiant

XDefiant AK47

A grey screen has continued to pop up in XDefiant with an error that reads: "Can't find game." Underneath, it explains further with "Playlist Not Found." Gamers have started to report this error in massive droves to Ubisoft, who has since responded.

“We’re aware that some players are unable to join a game- please bear with us while we look into servers and matchmaking!” Ubisoft said. 

Developers explained that they are "seeing improvements" surrounding this issue but the matchmaking queue in XDefiant is still not perfect. The team will continue to provide constant updates in an attempt to get rid of this error and make gameplay smoother.

How to Fix the Can't Find Game Error in XDefiant

If you are one of the unlucky gamers still experiencing the "Can't Find Game" error in XDefiant, there are some solutions you can try. This includes restarting your router or messing with the crossplay settings. Unfortunately, these common solutions don't seem to work most of the time for this specific error.

You might have to wait for XDefiant developers to provide a proper fix.

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