Huge Crossplay Fixes — XDefiant Y1S0.2 Patch Notes

Here’s the full patch notes for the latest XDefiant update

XDefiant has taken over the First Person Shooter community, and the developers have been extremely quick to fix any bugs as they release their second patch in as many weeks. Many players were hoping for a nerf to the Snipers in this update. However, that doesn’t seem to be coming in this latest patch. 

Another fix that players have been wishing for is an update to the netcode and hit registration. Again, this isn't coming in today's patch. However, Ubisoft are working on fixes for both of those issues.

Here’s the full patch notes for the Y1S0.2 update.

XDefiant Patch Notes


  • While in a party, we now display the most restrictive Crossplay setting among the party members, as it applies to the whole party. Also fixed an issue where party members with differing Crossplay settings couldn't matchmake.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying incorrect player names on some Social screens.
  • Fixed a crash caused by spamming open/close View Party Invites, but who would even do that, calm down.
  • On consoles, Ubisoft Connect party invites could display as if they were coming from Xbox or PlayStation Network friends. Fixed that, along with some other weird invite-related things.


  • Fixed some missing terrain textures when players joined matches in progress on some maps.
  • Input-Based Matchmaking setting status now updates correctly after changing it on Xbox.
  • Fixed a thing on PS5 where people could sneak into places they shouldn't via PS5 Activities.
  • Security improvements, various.
XDefiant in-game image

When does the Update Go Live?

The patch will go live at 6am PT today, June 4th, and the servers will be down for one hour. Following this, players will be able to load back in and see all of the new changes.

Players can be excited for the future of XDefiant given how quickly Ubisoft has been to push updates. While not every issue is being fixed, Ubisoft is making improvements to the game, and it will only improve over time.

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