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6 Best Gifts For Pokemon TCG Players — Holiday Gift Guide

From booster boxes to unique card sleeves, get something the Pokemon TCG player in your life can really enjoy

Pokémon fans and competitive TCG players alike can be a bit tough to buy for if you’re not super familiar with the card game. But we can help you find the best gifts for casual and hardcore TCG trainers alike. Here are our top picks for the holidays.

Scarlet & Violet — 151 Booster Packs

If you want to get your loved one some booster packs, we recommend the Scarlet & Violet — 151 set. These booster packs can’t go wrong since they feature the original ‘mon and are highly collectible. This is probably the most collectible set of 2023 so TCG players will have a great time opening some booster packs.

Scarlet & Violet — Paradox Rift Elite Trainer Box

Elite trainer box from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift

Paradox Rift is the latest set so TCG players are going ravenous for products from this expansion. An Elite Trainer Box is a great gift because it comes with a ton of collectible items along with 11 booster packs. This includes a full-art foil promo card, 65 card sleeves featuring Iron Valiant, damage counter dice, and more. Paradox Rift features exciting new cards like Iron Hands ex, Mewtwo ex, and Tera Types.

Pokémon Card Trading Card Game Classic

This is the perfect gift for collectors, featuring a foldable game board and accessories for battling. It also includes three decks featuring the classic starter evolutions: Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. These decks may not be the best for competitive play, but they are fun for battles with family and friends. This set will allow you to pull out everything you need for a battle all in one box, including a small chute for a fun take on heads or tails as well as all of the usual gameplay necessities.

Rapidash Flames & Fairies Sleeves

Rapidash fairy card sleeves

These whimsical pastel card sleeves feature fan-favorite fire ‘mon Rapidash. There are 65 card sleeves total so you can fit any standard 60-card deck. They are also matte on both sides. These are great for competitors who want to play with unique sleeves or for collectors who love Rapidash — or anything cute.

Pikachu Allover Double Deck Box

This adorable double deck box fits two complete 60-card decks, making it great for competitors on the go. But more importantly, it features super cute artsy renditions of Pikachu that appear to be dancing around. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves Pikachu.

Luxray Limitless Lightning Playmat

This very bold playmat features Luxray, Shinx, and Luxio against a dynamic gold and blue backdrop. While the design is most definitely what will get attention from TCG players right away, the other selling point is how perfect it is for competitive play. It’s two feet wide, with plenty of room for battle. It also has neoprene grips so it won’t move against hard surfaces like desks and tables. It’s part of a bigger collection of Luxray Limitless Lightning merch so you can mix and match.