Rainbow Six Siege Grows More Than 50% In 2024

Rainbow Six Siege is only getting bigger and better with age. The game saw huge growth in part thanks to the rise of Jynxzi

Ubisoft has reported its earnings for the year of 2023-2024, proving the longevity and ongoing success of Rainbow Six Siege. 

Rainbow Six Siege is going on nine years strong. The classic and serious shooter has been a favorite amongst fans due to its competitive nature. To get good at the game you need a lot of map knowledge and excellent mechanical abilities. But due to the concern of new players feeling intimidated due to the game’s high skill ceiling, it seemed like Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t going to remain popular as years went on. 

According to Ubisoft, this hasn’t been the case. 

Rainbow Six Siege Earnings and Growth in 2024

In Ubisoft’s full-year earnings report, it was stated that Rainbow Six Siege’s net bookings grew more than 50% this year. The game has been quite successful in terms of acquisition, activity, viewership, and monetization. The report went on to say that there has been a 38% growth within the last year, with the session days per player growing 24%. 

Rainbow Six Siege Warden earnings

This is due to a number of key changes. One, the Rainbow 6 Siege Marketplace has received position feedback from the community. The ability to buy and sell cosmetics with the community has been a massive source of excitement for players that want extra R6 Credits or love collecting rare skins. 

Another addition to the game in recent seasons is a focus on new players. There are game modes dedicated to learning the various maps and getting some aim training. This has made it a bit easier for new players to feel welcomed and not be as nervous when joining ranked. 

Ubisoft has also given credit to the Six Invitational for growing interest in Rainbow Six Siege. The esports scene has become more popular over the years, even surpassing previous viewership records. The report also noted that there was a record battle pass conversion. 

This has all resulted in Rainbow Six Siege reaching above 30 million active players. As the game goes into its 10th year anniversary, developers are looking into how to keep encouraging new players to join and create more exciting content for long-time fans of the series. 

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