Rocket League Season 14 Competitive Rewards Go Hard

The Season 14 Ranked Rewards have Rocket League players super excited this time around.

With the arrival of Season 15 in Rocket League, many players are looking back at their competitive season to find out which rewards they'll get. Here are all of the Season 14 Competitive Rewards.

What are Competitive Rewards in Rocket League?

Rocket League players who grinded the ranked season will receive rewards. The reward items and titles you get are determined by the highest rank you reached during Season 14. You can see your rank and track your progress on the Ranked Match screen.

The following ranked modes will impact your rank, either increasing with a W or decreasing with a bad performance:

  • Duel
  • Doubles
  • Standard
  • Rumble
  • Dropshot
  • Hoops
  • Snow Day

Season 14 Competitive Rewards

Season 14 Competitive Reward wheels

For Season 14, the rewards are all wheels! The highest rank you reached during the past season will determine which type of wheel you'll receive.

  • Bronze I or higher: S14 – Bronze Wheels
  • Silver I or higher: S14 – Silver Wheels + lower rewards
  • Gold I or higher: S14 – Gold Wheels + lower rewards
  • Platinum I or higher: S14 – Platinum Wheels + lower rewards
  • Diamond I or higher: S14 – Diamond Wheels + lower rewards
  • Champion I or higher: S14 – Champion Wheels + lower rewards
  • Champion I or higher: S14 – Champion Wheels + lower rewards
  • Grand Champion I or higher: S14 – Grand Champion Wheels + lower rewards
  • Supersonic Legend: S14 – Supersonic Legend Wheels + lower rewards

Grand Champion Titles (in Crimson text)

  • Competitive Grand Champion: ‘S14 GRAND CHAMPION’
  • Rumble Grand Champion: ‘S14 RNG CHAMP’
  • Hoops Grand Champion: ‘S14 DUNK MASTER’
  • Hoops Grand Champion: ‘S14 DUNK MASTER’
  • Dropshot Grand Champion: ‘S14 BLIZZARD WIZARD’

Supersonic Legend Titles (in Titanium White text)

  • Competitive Supersonic Legend: ‘S14 SUPERSONIC LEGEND’
  • Rumble Supersonic Legend: ‘S14 RNGENIUS’
  • Hoops Supersonic Legend: ‘S14 LEGENDARY BALLER’
  • Dropshot Supersonic Legend: ‘S14 ICE TITAN’

Rocket League players really like the Season 14 Competitive Rewards. The wheels look clean and are a great way to show off your skill and dedication to the game. Even the Bronze reward looks very striking on the field. The Champion players' Champion Wheels, which glow purple neon, are especially stylish. The Grand Champion and Supersonic wheels are clearly the standouts, with top players applauding the designs.

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