Street Fighter 6 DLC Finally Get Outfit 3

Street Fighter 6 has been releasing an onslaught of new information for its massive battle patch coming this month. One of the content additions coming in the patch is new costumes for the Season 1 DLC characters. Rashid, A.K.I, Ed, and Akuma will all have their outfit 3 available when the patch drops.

Who’s Getting New Costumes In Street Fighter 6?

A.K.I’s new costume is a huge departure from her usual look. Instead of her wide, mushroom-like haircut, she’s got shaved sides and slicked back hair. Her outfit consists of bell bottoms and a top that is screaming out “wardrobe malfunction”. Her face is obscured by massive round glasses and the color scheme is an ode to her former master F.A.N.G.

akuma outfit 3 concept for sf6

Rashid’s new digs sees him lean further into his streamer bro persona. He’s decked out in very loud athleisure that seems to combine all sorts of sports and looks. There’s a cap, compression sleeves, and shorts. It’s all over the place, which is sort of what Rashid is like as a character. I can see this being a costume that frustrates folks that lose to Rashid’s wearing this.

Akuma and Ed have more standard fare. Akuma has an understated Outfit 3 which sees him don an Oni mask which is a throwback to his demonic Oni form in Street Fighter IV. However, it doesn’t really differ all that much from his other two costumes which is a bit underwhelming. And lastly, Ed has his original Street Fighter V costume once more. Only this time he’s got a slick leather jacket to go along with it.

How Much Will Outfit 3 Cost?

If the price for the first wave holds, then we can expect the cost of the new Outfit 3 to be around $6. This caused quite a ruckus the first time around for SF6 fans. The biggest reason being that the Fighter Coin system doesn’t have a $6 denomination. So you’d have to actually spend $11.99 if you didn’t have coins saved up. We don’t know if that will be the same case, but there has been no indication that it will change.     

When Does Outfit 3 Drop?

The new costumes will be released alongside Akuma on May 22nd. This will also coincide with the massive Battle Update patch that will see every character in the game get some sort of balance adjustment.

Trent Murray


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