All About Abyss: VALORANT's New Map

Let's learn everything about VALORANT's brand new map after its thrilling VCT: Masters Shanghai reveal!

VALORANT's new map Abyss showcases twists, turns and dangerous drops.
VALORANT's new map Abyss showcases twists, turns and dangerous drops. / Riot Games

VALORANT's new map Abyss is finally here, and it is like nothing players have seen before. Riot Games capped off VCT 2024: Masters Shanghai's conclusion with Abyss' reveal and an exhilarating video trailer so the VALORANT community can get familiar with the map pool's latest addition. Abyss will have agents defying death, navigating precarious platforms and constantly checking corners — let's explore everything that makes the map special, how it will affect VALORANT gameplay and what agents will play it best.

What is special about VALORANT's new map Abyss?

Abyss is set in a remote area near Iceland. It features blocky brown architecture with plentiful greenery. The map provides ample long-range angles and has two sites connected by two narrow mid-map corridors. Most importantly, Abyss is the first VALORANT map with no boundaries. Players can (and probably will) fall off the map at a moment's notice — so don't be surprised if you end up having flashbacks to Counter-Strike's infamous Vertigo or similarly tricky Overwatch maps like Ilios and Oasis.

A particularly terrifying area requires players to jump across a chasm and grab a rope to cross to the other side. Another platform on A-site forces players to carefully strafe on a narrow bridge with fear of falling into the death trap below. A-site also features a Heaven area, while B-Site has an elevated catwalk.

How will Abyss' features affect VALORANT gameplay?

Abyss' blocky mini-map demonstrating its long angles.
Abyss' blocky mini-map demonstrating its long angles. / Riot Games

If the enemy team has agents with movement potential or even players with basic parkour skills, you can expect Abyss to become flank central. Its long-range angles and elevated platforms will serve sniper users well — Operators, Outlaws and Marshals will be powerful. The vandal will probably be Abyss' gun of choice instead of the Phantom. In addition, lurks will be crucial to reclear and preserve space constantly. On a more lighthearted note, you should also be prepared for your lower-elo teammates to comically miss their rope jumps and fall to their deaths — keep that clipping software ready!

Which VALORANT agents will be best on Abyss?

Raze, Neon and Jett will thrive as duelists with unique movement abilities that let them dance around Abyss' boundaries. Raze's satchels can help her accomplish impressive maneuvers or alternately send enemies careening off-map to their deaths, and Neon's speed boost means she can jump longer distances. Meanwhile, Jett's updraft, dash and passive glide will allow her access to difficult areas of the map and devious off-angles.

It will be difficult to smoke the entire map since Abyss focuses on long-range gunfights and wide-open angles. Controller agents with larger, more effective smokes that cover more map space will be optimal. Omen will have a field day when using his Paranoia down Abyss' long corridors, and can easily lurk and teleport across the map. In addition, Viper's walls may come in handy for covering multiple choke points and securing post-plant sites.

Finally, information and map control on Abyss will be crucial with so much flank and lurk potential. Killjoy will probably be the strongest Sentinel to secure space with Cypher trailing close behind, but Deadlock and Sage's walls will likely fail to make a practical impact. Initiators with wide-range info abilities like Sova, Fade and Skye will be best. This map will definitely be viable for an all-duelist comp, and agressive, risky plays will be rewarded.

As Abyss cycles into competitive play, the VALORANT community will develop new and exciting strategies to outwit opponents. Be careful on that rope jump, practice your b-hops and stay tuned for more VALORANT and Abyss updates!

Gabby DeSena