Back To Basics — VALORANT Patch 8.10 Update Guide

VALORANT's Patch 8.10 fixes bugs and introduces players to a Basic Training Event that will help them learn the game during their Welcome Contract experience.
VALORANT's Basic Training Event, introduced in Patch 8.10, makes learning the game easier than ever.
VALORANT's Basic Training Event, introduced in Patch 8.10, makes learning the game easier than ever. / Riot Games

VALORANT has come a long way since its 2020 release — Riot Games' famed first-person shooter now sports over 18.49 million players according to With one of the largest and most successful esports scenes worldwide, VALORANT shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and plenty of new players want to join in on the fun.

VALORANT's Patch 8.10 ensures these new players can easily and effectively learn the game and comfortably transition to a Ranked VALORANT experience through a new Basic Training Event. In addition, it delivers some short and sweet bug fixes that improve in-game ability usage. Let's explore what Patch 8.10 offers and how the Basic Training Event will impact VALORANT players.

What is the Basic Training Event?

VALORANT veterans may recall the Welcome Contract they complete upon registering for the game. The Welcome Contract helps guide new players into their VALORANT experience and teaches them fundamental game mechanics, weapon knowledge and ability knowledge. VALORANT has grown significantly since the Welcome Contract's introduction, so Patch 8.10 is streamlining its learning experience to better serve the influx of new VALORANT players.

The Basic Training Event will function similarly to existing exercises but is categorized efficiently and has segments each focusing on a different aspect of gameplay. The Event also uses VALORANT's sophisticated Practice Range, where players can execute different in-game scenarios and practice their aim, combat and movement skills. Players will receive tiered rewards including sprays, banners and titles upon each Event phase's completion.

Official Basic Training Event Patch Notes:

  • We are releasing an update to our Welcome Contract for new players! The new structure includes clearer missions and milestones to help you navigate the New Player Experience with a bit more guidance before your Ranked climb.
  • The Basic Training Event will appear similar to other Events, allowing you to view your progress, understand your goals at each milestone, and complete them to earn rewards to jumpstart your VALORANT experience.
  • If you have previously completed the Welcome Contract, you will not see the Basic Training Event (don't worry, you have already earned all the same rewards!).
  • If you are partially complete with the Welcome Contract, your previously earned rewards will be reflected in the Basic Training Event when it comes online, and you will be able to proceed through Basic Training, earning XP toward your Battlepass.

What else is included in VALORANT Patch 8.10?

VALORANT Agent Clove is receiving a bug fix after their arrival in Patch 8.05.
VALORANT Agent Clove is receiving a bug fix after their arrival in Patch 8.05. / Riot Games

Patch 8.10 is short and sweet but still includes some additional bug fixes that improve in-game quality of life. These bug fixes surround VALORANT's newest Controller agent Clove, who is bound to need some adjustments after their recent introduction, and reliable Sentinel Cypher, who has faced frequent adjustments in recent patches. They are mainly timing and ability usage fixes focusing on ability transitions and cooldowns.

Bug Fixes:


  • Pick-Me-Up (C): Fixed issues where the timer for Clove's Pick-Me-Up (C) could be restarted which would allow Clove to have more time than intended to activate the ability.


  • Cypher's Spycam (E): Fixed an issue where shots fired immediately after exiting Cypher's Spycam (E) would bypass the weapon's raise animation and not deal damage. The weapon raise animation is now played for its full duration.

Whether you're a VALORANT pro starting a new account who remembers when Raze had two grenades or a newbie who is still figuring out how to plant the Spike (...psst, press 4!), it never hurts to brush up on your skills in the Range. Enjoy the Basic Training Event, and see you in the Ranked Queue!

Gabby DeSena