Valorant Holomoku Collection: Price, Weapons, Items, & More

The Holomoku Bundle includes two variants for weapon skins.
The Holomoku Bundle includes two variants for weapon skins. /

Valorant is constantly giving players new content to keep this shooter game fresh and exciting. To do this, a new collection is frequently available for you to purchase. These collections include new skins, weapons, and more for a set price. The Holomoku collection gives you a Hawaiian themed look with a variety of items.

About Holomoku Collection 

The five available weapon skins in Holomoku Collection.
The Valorant Holomoku collection includes five weapon skins in two variants, green and blue. /

The Holomoku Collection is filled with cosmetics to enhance your gameplay. You can obtain the entire bundle for 5,100 VP in the store. The weapon skins are 1,275 VP and melee skin is 2,550 VP if you purchase them separately. Every item is meant to have a Hawaiian theme which means you can also complete community challenges as well as defeat other players in style.

To create the Hawaiian theme, every weapon has a dark blue, grey, and yellow color scheme, representing the colors of the sea. The style of the weapons also mimics traditional Hawaiian weapons. Koa wood is used along with shark teeth, string, and various patterns carved within them.

Weapons, Items, and More

The Holomoku Bundle includes a gun buddy.
Valorant's Holomoku Bundle will include a new Gun Buddy to attach to your weapon. /

In this bundle, there are skins for five weapons. There are also two variants for these skins. The default is green and there is a deep sea variant that is blue. 

The default displays a wooden aura while the variant will look as if it's underwater. The following are the weapons these skins are meant for.

  • Bulldog
  • Frenzy
  • Melee
  • Outlaw
  • Vandal

Aside from the weapon skins, you will also receive some accessory items including a Holomoku Player Card for 375 VP, and a Holomoku Gun Buddy for 475 VP.

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