This Week's Mythic Plus Affix Rotation

New to the game? Existing player wanting to get better at mythic plus dungeons? You've come to the right place. We'll discuss how to deal with each of the mythic plus affixes.
Adventurers fighting Crawth in Algeth'ar Academy
Adventurers fighting Crawth in Algeth'ar Academy /

Mythic plus dungeons are one of the most popular forms of content in all of World of Warcraft. Offering some of the biggest challenges and greatest rewards, it's no wonder players flock to it.

One of the most controversial aspects of mythic plus's design is its affixes. Affixes are the modifiers placed on top of the dungeons to increase their level of difficulty. In the current iteration of mythic plus design, the tier 1 affix is active from +2 and up, the tier 2 affix is active from +5 and up, and the tier 3 affix is active from +10 and up.

If you want to check what the current affixes are at any given time or what the upcoming affixes are, you can do that here or directly on Wowhead.

This Weeks Affixes:

For the week of June 4 2024, the weekly Mythic+ affixes are:

  • Tyrannical
  • Afflicted
  • Bolstering

1. Tyrannical

The mythic plus affix 'tyrannical'.

Tyrannical as an affix is very straightforward and doesn't require you to do any extra work. It simply makes bosses last a lot longer and deal substantially more damage. Generally, for healers and dps players, tyrannical is the harder of the two tier one affixes.

The key to handling tyrannical well is to understand when the big chunks of damage are going out. As a tank player this is usually in the form of a tank buster mechanic. For healers and dps players, this is usually in the form of either a big AoE or a powerful DoT. You want to pay attention and be aware of these high-burst damage moments in the fight and rotate your defensive cooldowns accordingly so you're reducing the amount of damage you take from the big chunk mechanics by as much as possible.

2. Afflicted

The mythic plus affix 'afflicted'.

Afflicted is a simple affix that requires the group to pay attention. At random points, while in combat, 1 or 2 Afflicted Souls will spawn and need to be helped by a player in the group. They attempt to cast Afflicted Cry which lowers the parties haste by 100% for 10 seconds. It's extremely important to not let this go off.

How difficult it is to deal with this affix depends on your group composition and how aware everyone is. If all the dps are tunnel visioned while the healer is dealing with lots of group damage, it can be fairly easy to miss one of them. As long as people are paying attention though, the affix is one of the easier ones. All you need to do is use any dispel on them which will instantly resolve it and make it despawn. If dispelling is not an option, you can also heal them to full hp which will cancel their cast and make them despawn.

3. Bolstering

The bolstering affix for mythic plus.

Bolstering sucks. This is one of the most difficult affixes to deal with. Functionally, it doesn't require any active action. You don't need to do anything to counter this affix. What bolstering does, it make every enemy substantially stronger after another nearby enemy dies. This effect stacks.

The way to beat bolstering is by killing enemies evenly. You want them to die as close to the same time as possible. This affix puts a lot of pressure on dps players to spread their damage equally to the entire pull and it's important for tanks and healers to be aware of when the dps players mess up so they can react accordingly with bigger cooldown usage for the increased damage. As a tank, it's also good to not chain pull on bolstering weeks so that you don't give your new group enemies stacks of bolstering as the previous pull is finished off.

Mythic Plus Affix Rotation

Here is the order of the mythic plus affix rotation:

  • 06/04: Tyrannical, Afflicted, Bolstering
  • 06/11: Fortified, Incorporeal, Sanguine
  • 06/18: Tyrannical, Entangled, Bursting
  • 06/25: Fortified, Volcanic, Spiteful
  • 07/02: Tyrannical, Storming, Raging
  • 07/09: Fortified, Entangled, Bolstering
  • 07/16: Tyrannical, Incorporeal, Spiteful
  • 07/23: Fortified, Afflicted, Raging
  • 07/30: Tyrannical, Volcanic, Sanguine
  • 08/06: Fortified, Storming, Bursting

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