XDefiant: Best M60 Loadout

The M60 is the best LMG in XDefiant, and this is the best loadout

Almost every weapon in XDefiant is viable. However, the M60 Light Machine Gun is one of the best in the game. The M60 is of course incredible in covering fire for your teammates, or controlling a congested point on the map. However, due to its size, you lose a lot of mobility when using this LMG.

However, with the right attachments, the M60 can be lethal. Here’s the best loadout for the M60 in XDefiant.

Best M60 XDefiant Loadout

  • Optic: Reflex
  • Front Rail: PEQ-15
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Stock: Lightweight
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip
XDefiant LMG Menu

The M60 is extremely good as the base weapon. However, adding some much needed mobility will make it even better. We do this by using the Lightweight Stock which increases movement speed and makes the M60 feel much better to use. Secondly, we add the Quick Mag to ensure we can reload much faster and get straight back into the action.

The M60 also features some pretty heavy recoil, so we manage this by using the PEQ-15 Front Rail which improves accuracy and recoil control. Additionally, the Heavy Grip improvers recoil control even more, with the Reflex sight making enemies much easier to see.

For your secondary weapon, we recommend using the 686 Magnum as it has the most firepower up close of any Secondary. This is essential when using the M60 as you’ll be engaging in more long to medium range gunfights. As for your equipment, we opt for the Frag Grenade as this helps with clearing out objectives.

How to Unlock the M60

To unlock the M60 Light Machine Gun in XDefiant you’ll need to complete the following challenge: Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with an LMG. This should be pretty easy to complete, and you’ll be using the M60 in no time.

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