XDefiant: Best MP7 Loadout

The MP7 is the best Submachine Gun in XDefiant… and it’s not even close

XDefiant has taken over the First Person Shooter community, and due to this, many players are struggling to find the best loadouts to use on their favorite weapons. However, we’ve got you covered with the best MP7 loadout to use if you want to dominate your XDefiant lobbies.

The MP7 Submachine Gun has an extremely high rate of fire and great mobility. This makes it perfect for run and gun players who love to get involved in the action at close quarters. The MP7 is perfect for objective game modes and maps such as Arena and Echelon HQ. Here’s the best MP7 Loadout that you need to use in XDefiant.

Best MP7 XDefiant Loadout

  • Barrel: Chrome Lined
  • Muzzle: Light Suppressor
  • Front Rail: PEQ-15
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Stock: Collapsed

The MP7 is one of the fastest Submachine Guns in XDefiant, but this leaves some damage to be desired. Therefore, we start this loadout with the Light Suppressor Muzzle and Chrome Lined Barrel as these increase the MP7’s firepower, making it competitive in medium range gunfights.

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The PEQ-15 Front Rail increases accuracy by 40%, while the Fast Mag allows us to engage in the next gunfight much quicker. Finally, the Collapsed Stock increases movement speed a little, giving us back the speed we lost by increasing firepower.

For your Secondary weapon we use the 686 Magnum due to its exceptional firepower up close, and a Frag Grenade as our equipment to help with clearing out objectives.

How to Unlock the MP7

The MP7 can be unlocked by completing the following challenge: Get 20 point-blank kills using SMGs. To get a point-blank kill you just have to be within 5 meters of the enemy, so start rushing into objectives and you’ll have that in no time.

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