When is XDefiant’s Hit Reg Being Fixed?

Hit registration has been a massive issue in XDefiant so far, but it’s being fixed shortly

Ubisoft recently launched its brand new Free to Play FPS, XDefiant, and it’s been a total hit with the gaming community. While XDefiant’s launch has been pretty smooth on the whole, there is one glaring issue which is frustrating players – hit registration.

Hit registration refers to the game's ability to detect the accuracy of your bullets. Put simply, hit registration (or hit reg) decides if your bullets hit the enemy, or not. So far in XDefiant, this has been a massive issue, with players heading to Twitter/X, Discord, Forums, basically anywhere they can to voice this issue. 

Redditor, ChickedBankForFbow described XDefiant’s hit reg as “the worst [he’s] seen in a long time” while cucarachonsupremo added that “hit reg is going to kill this game”. 

However, XDefiant’s hit reg issues haven’t stopped the players from flooding in, with the game reaching 1 million players in just two and a half hours on launch day and even more logging on since.

XDefiant gameplay image

When is XDefiant's Hit Reg Being Fixed?

Luckily, XDefiant’s Chief of Development, Mark Rubin, has told the community that hit reg is being worked on, and will hopefully be fixed soon. 

Given that XDefiant is still in its “preseason”, it’s understandable that the game has a few issues. However, it feels like hit reg is something that cannot be ignored, and is sometimes completely ruining players' matches. The hit reg issues also build onto a few other problems with XDefiant, such as matchmaking and consistent server downtime. But we mustn’t be too hard on Ubisoft, they’ve already released their first patch just two days after launch, and seem to be responding to the community well.

So, there’s still hope XDefiant fans, your shots will be hitting soon enough!

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