XDefiant Stat Tracker - How to see K/D Ratio, Faction Usage and more

Here’s how to go in-depth on your XDefiant performances

Ubisoft’s brand new First Person Shooter, XDefiant, has finally dropped. With that, many players are looking to see their statistics in-game. This happens in every Shooter, but it’s even more important on XDefiant as people want to see how they stack up in a game with no Skill Based Matchmaking.

Seeing your stats in XDefiant is extremely easy, and there’s another option if you want to go even more in-depth. Here’s how to see your statistics in XDefiant.

XDefiant In-game Stats

Checking your in-game statistics on XDefiant is extremely easy. Just head to the Profile tab on the main menu, and select “Career Stats”.

This menu will now show you a ton of information, including total playtime, win/loss ratio, K/D ratio, and much more.

XDefiant In-game Image

Better XDefiant Stat Tracker

However, there is a much better and more in-depth way to see your stats in XDefiant, and that’s by using tracker.gg.

This website shows you everything you need to know about your performance in XDefiant, including the following stats:

  • Win %
  • K/D Ratio
  • Kills/Match
  • Matches Won
  • Total Kills
  • Total Assists
  • MVPs
  • Total Score
  • Total Damage
  • Longest Lifetime
  • Skills Used
  • Ultimates Used
  • Weapon Category Used
  • Modes Played
  • Total Matches

This is a much more in-depth way to see your statistics in XDefiant, and of course, gives you a lot more info than the in-game Career Stats tab.

Some of the most important stats to look at here are your K/D ratio and your Total Damage as this will give you an idea on how many kills you’re missing out on. From this, you can look to potentially play a bit slower and hopefully finish more of your kills, or get ever closer to the enemies looking to take them down in less bullets.

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