By Jimmy Traina
April 09, 2013

He Had To Have Rangers Money Line


With all due respect to the NCAA championship game, we start today with one of the worst calls in sports history. Last night's Rays-Rangers game ended on a called strike three by home plate umpire Marty Foster that you just have to see to believe. (Make sure you watch the video all the way through so you can hear both teams' radio and TV announcers say "Ball four" after the pitch is thrown.)


Michigan and Louisville gave us a great title game that was filled with tons of action and special plays. However, the highlight of the night (besides Rick Pitino revealing that he's getting a tattoo) was Pitino's reaction after the game when he thought someone shot him. I recommend watching the video first and then playing the GIF on a loop.

No Google Maps?

Terry Francona is a great manager, but his sense of direction leaves something to be desired. The new Indians skipper got lost going to the team's stadium twice yesterday. And he lives two blocks away.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Natalia Velez Natalia Velez ::

Kerry, of Birmingham, Ala., says, "Jimmy, it's almost the end of Q1 of 2013 and I don't believe you've posted Natalia Velez yet....what an injustice!" Excellent point by Kerry, so that gets fixed right now. ... Lingerie model and wife of singer Michael Buble, Luisana Lopilato, has just done some new work. ... Actress Bar Paly stars in the upcoming movie Pain and Gain, which is a good reason to link to this gallery. ...

Fake Congratulations Are In Order

Lennay Kekua won's bracket challenge game.

One Shining Moment Video Of The Day

In case you missed it last night...

Sports Video Of The Day

Cubs reliever Kyuji Fujikawa did this to himself yesterday.

[mlbvideo id="26115987" width="600" height="424" /]

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