By Ryan Glasspiegel
April 25, 2013

Football season is just over four months away, and it's time to start getting ready. Anyone who's ever tailgated all day for a big game knows the horrors of what happens when you go into the stadium. Lots of college stadiums don't even sell alcohol, and the ones that do charge like $10 for a beer. You can usually ride out your buzz until halftime, but after that, withdrawal can be agonizing.

Luckily, Auburn fan inviscidfluid took to Reddit, ensuring that you will never again have to face such atrocities. Step-by-step instructions can be found here, showing you how to quickly and easily use a standard $30 vacuum sealer to create these whiskey pouches.

whiskey pouch

For good measure, our hero also provides tips on how to make a whiskey cocktail once you're past the nosy security guards. They involve buying a soda, going to the bathroom, and cutting the pouches with your keys. MacGyver would be proud.


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