By Neil Janowitz
May 16, 2013


Since launching a month ago, the PBS Digital Studios series Blank On Blank has given an animated face to found-audio interviews with such icons as David Foster Wallace, the Beastie Boys and Jim Morrison. For its latest video, Blank On Blank turned its ears and animators toward a "Sports Interview with Ann Liguori" clip that was recorded with Wilt Chamberlain while he made the rounds promoting his 1992 book "A View from Above". During the talk, The Stilt opens up to Liguori about being a gawky, skyscraping 7th grader and growing accustomed to being perceived as a bad guy, and speculates with disarming nonchalance about his appeal to women: "I think a lot of ladies found me so attractive because I was different, and I acted on that, in a way."

("In a way" was, of course, what they called "it" in those days.)

Chuck Salter

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