As it Turns Out, There's More Than One Way to Get Drenched in Beer at Baseball Games

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The ugly downside to the heroic actions of the Mariners fan who caught a foul ball in his beer and then chugged it earlier this season?


When a less-coordinated (or more-inebriated) fan attempted to catch a foul ball with a full beer at the White Sox-Angels game in Anaheim on Friday night, nobody in a three-seat radius was spared.


In stark contrast was this very intentional incident -- called 'Beverage-gate' by WGN announcer Len Kasper -- from Sunday's Mets-Cubs game at Wrigley. A man tried to stop Travis Wood's long home run from landing on Waveland Avenue. In the process, he spilled a little beer on the woman (his wife?) next to him, and she responded aggressively:


Fortuantely, no craft beer was harmed in the making of that video.

Update:The man and woman from Wrigley Field are, in fact, a married couple. (This may explain the hostility.)


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