Vigilante Traffic Enforcer Keyshawn Johnson Reportedly Chased Down Justin Bieber

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Theo Wargo/Getty Images

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Justin Bieber's had a rough go of things over the last few months. His pet monkey was seized by German customs, he drew international ire for his hope that Anne Frank would have been a 'belieber' and he allegedly spit in the face of a neighbor who complained about Bieber's reckless driving.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Biebs is being investigated for another reckless driving incident, this time after two people in his Calabasas, Ca. community called the cops while the singer whipped around in his Ferrari. From the sound of it, one of the tipsters was former NFL receiver and current ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson, who got into a Prius-speed chase with the singer:

Sources tell us ... Keyshawn -- a former NFL superstar -- had just left a party Sunday night inside of his exclusive gated community in Calabasas (with his child in the car), when Bieber zoomed by in his Ferrari at breakneck speeds.

We're told Keyshawn was furious -- feeling Justin could've killed someone -- so he brought his kid home, then chased after the singer in his Prius (yes, a Prius chasing a Ferrari).

When KJ got to Bieber's pad -- he blocked Justin's Ferrari in the driveway and got out of his car to confront Justin face-to-face ... but Justin ran inside of his house and refused to come out.

On the off chance that being pursued by both an eco-conscious ex-NFLer and the police doesn't scare some sense into Biebs, another former player and speed authority has made it known that he, too, will be watching.