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Ball-Averse Astros Fan Dives Across, and Then Between, Seats To Avoid Fouled Liner


We recently reviewed several ballpark incidents wherein fans avoided or pursued foul balls to the detriment of female companions or small children. In this curious case of an Astros fan who expected the worst, he endangered only himself, tumbling onto a row of seats like the sniped Mets fan of yesterweek.

The orange-shirted fan said in an the interview (below) that he told his friends an hour before the incident:

"If a ball comes at me, I'm not trusting myself. I'm diving. Sure enough, I just look up and I just see this heater coming right at me -- and I just bailed."

And bail he did, although he was never really in harm's way. If there were ever an argument to support grown men bringing gloves to the park, this is it.

[mlbvideo id="28120677" width="600" height="336" /]

h/t Cut 4