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The Lineup: Friday, June 21

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Last night's Game Seven took a lot out of you. Relax today. Watch some tv. (All Times Eastern)


Track and Field USA Outdoor Championships, 8:00p.m. (ESPN2), All Day (

After two days of mostly junior events, these championships in Des Moines start to get serious. Tonight features the 100 meter final for both the men and women. Three weeks ago Justin Gatlin handed Usain Bolt his first 100m loss since 2011:

Enjoy yourself Justin—there's just over a month before you meet Bolt at the World Championships in Moscow.


NCAA Baseball College World Series: Oregon State vs. Mississippi State, 3:00p.m. (ESPN & ESPN3)

As Bulldogs coach John Cohen said in this great write-up by Teddy Mitrosillis:

"There's a saying in recruiting: You don't always get who you want, but you get who you are."

Mississippi State has played the part of wacky upstarts, even putting together a Powerpoint presentation on the subject of playoff beards.


A touch-and-go play at the plate and a potential walk-off that stalled at the warning track were the all that separated these two teams in their earlier series matchup, which Mississippi State won 5-4. Can the Powerpointers prevail again?

NCAA Baseball College World Series: UNC vs. UCLA 8:00p.m. (ESPN)

Fighting their way out of trouble has been the M.O. of the Tarheels this postseason. Now they face their most daunting task yet: needing to beat the Bruins in two straight to make it to the final.

Boxing Friday Night Fights: Ramses Barthalemy vs. Fahsai Sakkreerin, 10:00p.m. (ESPN)

Barthalemy won his last fight in a decision that fell somewhere between being a questionable choice and an outright farce. "It's either incompetence or it's corruption! That is disgraceful! Happy New Year to you same old disgraceful judges!" said ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas. Barthalemy gets a chance to redeem himself tonight against Sakkreerin, who miiiiiiiight be a tomato can. Atlas doesn't seem to know much about him and would like to have to stop pronouncing his name, thank you.

Soccer Fifa U20 World Cup: USA vs Spain 1:47p.m. (ESPN2 & ESPN3)

It may seem redundant to have an under-20 World Cup just a few days after the under-21 European championships finish, but hey, more international soccer is never a bad thing. This tournament has been trouble for the Americans in the past—they've never gotten past the quarterfinals, and failed to qualify entirely in 2011. Midfielder Benji Joya leads what is probably the strongest squad in a long time, but their group is a minefield with France, Ghana and trophy-hoarding Spain.

Deep Bench

TV SEC Storied: Abby Head On, 7:00p.m. (ESPNU)

This documentary premiered last month, but the timing couldn't be more apropos. Yesterday, Wambach scored four goals in a friendly against South Korea to take the title for most international goals ever scored. It's being reported that Wambach, who is famous her headers, is being investigated under suspicion of corking her skull.

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