By Ryan Glasspiegel
June 24, 2013

Every Monday, Extra Mustard will post the 10 best mostly-sports Vines of the weekend. At six seconds apiece, it will take you one minute to watch them all. It will be a good minute.

:00-:06 Such a "Monday" moment, amiright?

:07-:12 A precarious tight-rope walk.

 :13-:18 And another.

:19-:24 More trick shot Vines, plz.

:25-:30 Focus, concentration and the rhythmic spell of bouncing basketballs.

:31-:36 #Lifehack.

:37-:42 That's nasssssssty …

:43-:48 … That, too.

:49-:54 Marketable talent.

:55-1:00 'Best baseball mind' Mitch Williams will haunt your dreams.

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