By Mike Bebernes
June 25, 2013


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While the cat's away, the mouse will watch. (All times Eastern)


NCAA Baseball College World Series Final, Game 2: Mississippi State vs. UCLA, 8:00p.m. (ESPN) 

Those guys playing hockey weren't the only Bruins with a late lead in a championship matchup. UCLA did manage to hold off the Bulldogs on the back of closer David Berg, who recorded his NCAA single-season record 24th save in the contest. The College World Series bracketing system can get confusing, but tonight is simple. If UCLA wins, they get another trophy to throw on the pile.


WNBA Phoenix Mercury vs. San Antonio Silver Stars, 8:00p.m. (ESPN2) 

Brittney Griner's bum left knee kept her out of her team's June 8 game on ABC, so tonight ends up being her national TV debut. She already leads the league in blocks and field goal percentage, but stats only measure a portion of her impact. SI's Richard Deitsch called her "the most transformative figure in the history of women's basketball." This is a woman people aren't going to stop discussing any time soon, so it's a good idea to get on the train early. And for the love of Pete, don't try to drive on her.

Soccer U20 World Cup Group Play, coverage starts 10:47a.m. (ESPN 2 & ESPN3) 

After gifting away their opening match to Greece, a loss for Mexico to Paraguay would mean elimination and yet another stone on the pile of embarrassment that the Mexican federation has been stacking of late. Lucky for the young'uns, their home country may be too angry at the senior team to pay them much mind.

Also on the docket is another meeting in that classic rivalry between El Salvador and Australia.

Tennis Wimbledon Day 2, coverage starts 6:30a.m. (ESPN &ESPN3)

Rafa Nadal didn't realize he was going to be facing a doubles pair in the form of Belgian Steve Darcis and his own gimpy left leg in his opening match, which he lost in straight sets. The other reigning French Open champ, Serena Williams, doesn't appear to have much to worry about from anyone, let alone her first-round opponent, Luxembourg's Mandy Minella. In fact, after the week she's had, Serena is probably ready for people to start taking about her tennis again.

TV Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, 10:00p.m. (HBO)

The 60 Minutes of sports turns its cameras toward an annual gathering of Negro League players, soldiers who use MMA to cope with PTSD, and Jay Williams overcoming his horrible motorcycle accident. The odds of tinkling pianos over still shots of old newspaper headlines: High. The odds of Frank Deford looking like king of the vampires: Certain.


Deep Bench

TV Stuntbusters, 8:00p.m. (SPEED)

Think Mythbusters with cars. Tonight, stunt drivers Garret Hammond and Vanessa Vander Pluym bring forward episodes called "Bulletproof Beater" and "Ultimate Flip." It's hard to imagine these being dull, given the show's previous work:

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