By Mike Bebernes
July 03, 2013



Don't hate the playoffs, hate the game. (All times Eastern)


Tennis Wimbledon Quarterfinals, coverage starts 6:30a.m. (ESPN, ESPN2 & ESPN3)
The ladies bracket has been blown up to the point where the four remaining women are virtually unknown to casual fans. The men, on the other hand, look to be right on course for an inevitable final between Novak Djokavic and Andy Murray. After all the madness of this tournament, maybe the biggest surprise would be if things actually went by the book.


MLB Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Mets, 7:30p.m (ESPN & ESPN3)
A two-hour rain delay in yesterday's game between these two teams was followed by an offensive explosion by the Mets en route to a 9-1 win. The Diamondbacks must be eager to get away from the wet northeast weather and back to the absurdly sweltering temperatures they know so well.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 10.03.00 PM

Soccer FIFA U20 World CUP: Round of 16, coverage starts at 10:47 (ESPNU & ESPN3)
When you're a reporting on a not-so-prominent event that lasts a long time, sometimes you have to dig to the bottom of the barrel for story ideas. That said: Here's a wonderful piece about Chilean striker Nicolas Castillo giving his teammates haircuts.

Soccer Portland Timbers vs. Monarcas Morelia, Spanish language coverage, 10:55p.m. (ESPN Deportes)
The Timbers host a friendly match against the Mexican squad as part of their first-ever Copa Verde (Green Cup). According to a Timbers press release,"Copa Verde signifies the sustainability of the Timbers’ local outreach programs and initiatives through 'Somos Timbers,' an outreach platform focused on Hispanic youth development." It's no game against the Sounders, but it should still be pretty entertaining. 

College Baseball College Home Run Derby, 8:30p.m. (ESPN3)
They may not be hitting balls off an aircraft carrier to a field of waiting jet skis, but some of college baseball's biggest sluggers will be pinging shots over the fences in Omaha. There will also be a fireworks display. "Hopefully at the same time," thinks a local newspaper photographer who's hoping to win some awards.

TV 60 Minutes Sports, 9:00p.m. (Showtime)

Showtime offers a challenge to Bryant Gumbel's dominance of the premium cable sports news magazine world. A segment about divers chasing the deepest single breath dive record looks to be a standout in this week's episode.

Deep Bench

High School Football The Opening: 7On Football Championship, 9:00p.m. (ESPNU)
What would football be if you got rid of all of the three yard runs up the middle? It would be 7 on 7. It's basically football without the lineman, but also without hitting. This could be a glimpse of where football will be in 20 years if all of the concussion doomsayers prove to be right.

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