By Ryan Glasspiegel
July 08, 2013

Cleveland Browns Vs. St. Louis Rams 11-13-2011 Diamond Images

Mansfield, Ohio resident Scott Entsminger passed away last week at the age of 55. His obituary in the Columbus Dispatch reads, in part:

A lifelong Cleveland Browns fan and season ticket holder, he also wrote a song each year and sent it to the Cleveland Browns as well as offering other advice on how to run the team. He respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time.

Since 2000 alone, Entsminger had to endure the following starting quarterbacks: Brandon Weeden, Thaddeus Lewis, Colt McCoy, Seneca Wallace, Jake Delhomme, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Ken Dorsey, Bruce Gradkowski, Charlie Frye, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Garcia, Kelly Holcomb, Luke McCown, Tim Couch, Doug Pederson, and Spergon Wynn.

Granting the man's dying request is really the least the franchise could do to atone.


Darren Rovell

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