An Australian Today Show Host Stormed Off Set After His Rugby Fandom Was Questioned

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Each day in America, millions of sheep wear Yankees hats. Hailing from New York is a fringe requirement at best. This is apparently not how Australian sports work.

Australia's annual State of Origin rugby series is played between Queensland and New South Wales, and is a rivalry that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Obviously there's a lot of regional pride associated with something so old—so much so that when the brother of Karl Stefanovic, who is one of the hosts of Australia's Today show, tweeted to say that Karl (a devout Queensland fan) actually grew up in New South Wales, Karl gets a bit testy.

In this particular case, "testy" means "angry to the point of storming off the live show". Karl Stefanovic is 38 years old. Imagine if you cared this much about the legitimacy of your fandom at that age (er, please say you don't). From what I understand, rooting for Queensland is kind of like rooting for the Lakers, but still, Karl, put your yellow car in park and reevaluate some things.

(Unless, of course, this was all a stunt, in which case: Nice job, but still reevaluate some things, namely the car.)