How Do Beliebers in Philadelphia Feel About the Eagles' QB Competition? They Don't.

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Last we heard of the fanatical throngs of Justin Bieber admirers, all of one week ago, their unyielding screams were making it impossible for the NHLPA to conduct their business in Chicago. In the time since, the Belieber horde migrated to Philly and set up high-volume shop outside the Wells Fargo Center, where the increasingly unlikable pop star was set to perform.

Since Bieber's own travels often bring him into the sports realm, it stands to reason that at least some of his followers would be sports fans themselves. Or maybe it doesn't. Either way, bringing sports into the equation was a subversive technique employed masterfully by CSN Philly's Sarah Baicker, who ventured into the throng to ask some timely questions:

tl;dw recap: Justin Bieber should be allowed to do whatever he wants, and you should consider putting money on Chase Utley to start at QB when the Eagles open their season September 9th in Washington.

[H/T 700 Level via Deadspin]

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