By Mike Bebernes
August 02, 2013


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I'm back from my wedding. Sorry about the backwards priorities. (All times Eastern)


Extreme Sports X Games Los Angeles, 9:00p.m. (ESPN)

One of the better sponsor tie-ins you'll ever see has the BMX Big Air competition brought to you by GoPro, those little durable cameras that you see strapped to just about everything on TV these days. The result is a mesmerizing, if vomit-inducing, view of the impossible tricks being performed.


Boxing Friday Night Fights: Javier Fortuna vs. Luis Franco, 9:00p.m. (ESPN2 & ESPN3)

Desperation leads to irrational decision-making. Before his last fight, Fortuna missed weigh-in by less than a pound. Facing the risk of having his featherweight title stripped if he didn't get under 126 pounds, he reportedly worked out for half and hour, ditched all of his clothes, and stood on one leg on the scale. That, surprisingly, didn't work.

Golf Bridgestone Invitational: Second Round, 1:30p.m. (Golf Channel & NBC Sports Live Extra)

The idiom, "leave everything on the field" is great in the moment. It doesn't exactly leave a lot for the next tournament, which British Open champ Phil Mickelson showed yesterday by skunking a number of shots in the opening round.


Tennis Citi Open Quarterfinal: John Isner vs. Marcos Baghdatis, 4:00p.m. & Gigor Dimitrov vs. Tommy Haas, 7:00p.m. (ESPN2 & ESPN3)

Oh crap! Now P.E.D. reports are popping up in the tennis ranks. Anyone who thinks that the gentleman's game is clean should familiarize themselves with Operation Puerto, which, despite its name, is not an Anthony Weiner pick-up strategy.

Olympic Sports FINA World Aquatic Championships, Women's Water Polo Gold Medal Game: Spain vs. Australia, 7:30p.m. (Universal Sports Network)

Both of these teams came one loss from Olympic Gold in London, with the Spanish earning silver and the Aussies taking Bronze. As always, the Aussies have a spectacular team name: the Stingers. A surprising choice considering the country's troubled history with stingrays.

Deep Bench

TV Saint Hoods, 10:00p.m. (Discovery)

I wasn't aware that there were tough crime gangs in South Boston. Why has there not been any media about this? This documentary series follows three rival South Boston bookie operations vying for territory. What to expect: violence and charming characters. What not to expect: To hear the letter R.

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