By Ryan Glasspiegel
August 09, 2013

Last night, Derek Jeter went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and the occasional 2013 Yankee brought up a pretty humorous recollection of a wild night (and disastrous morning) for Fallon that occurred at Jeter's annual golf tournament in Florida benefitting the Turn 2 Foundation:

At the end of every tournament -- and this is years ago, this is before you were married and you have a baby now, congratulations -- so I have this party the last night. So [Jimmy] had a good time at the party and in the morning nobody could find him to make his flight. From what I hear, you were found in the fetal position in your hotel room, and you were woken up by your mother.

So, the next morning, Jimmy's seen running through the Hard Rock Hotel, holding a guitar -- the gift we got from the Hard Rock -- and this is a bad reference, but did you ever see the old OJ Simpson Hertz commercial when he's running through the airport? That was you.


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