By Mike Bebernes
August 10, 2013


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There are no stupid questions, only stupid jokes. (All times Eastern)


Golf PGA Championship: Final Round, Sunday, 11:00a.m. (TNT) 2:00p.m. (CBS) All Day (

TNT seems to be just about the only winner of the Time Warner-CBS feud. Ratings for the championship are up 83% over last year, presumably boosted by folks who won't be able to catch the later rounds on CBS. For the unfortunate customers stuck on the wrong end of the fight, make sure your Wi-Fi signal is strong and meet your new best friend, Mr. HDMI Cable.

Deep Bench

Tennis Rogers Cup Finals: Women's 1:00p.m., Men's 3:00p.m. Sunday (ESPN2)

Once again, the true men's final might be decided in the semis as Rafael Nadal's early Wimbledon exit only garnered him the No. 4 seed. Let the chumps watch the last match. You can chuckle smugly to yourself as Nadal-Djokovic  put on another classic semi, Saturday at 8p.m. on ESPN2.

Track Track and Field World Championships, 3:30p.m Saturday & Sunday (NBC)

"Name the 10 most recognizable track and field athletes in the world, and it’s likely at least six or seven aren’t going to be suiting up," said NBC's Nick Zaccardi. Track is reeling from a black day of doping revelations, and then tack on top of that a big list of elite trackers and fielders who won't be competing due to injury. It brings up the question of how fast Usain Bolt can run with the weight of the sport on his back.

NFL Preseason football: Bills vs. Colts, 1:30p.m. Sunday (NFL Network)

Just about the only question for the four teams playing this weekend comes at the QB position for Buffalo. Word has it that rookie E.J. Manual will start for the Bills on Sunday, ahead of perpetual bridesmaid Kevin Kolb.

Arena Football Arena Bowl Semi Final: Spokane Shock vs. Arizona Rattlers 9:30p.m. Saturday (CBS Sports Network)

As the NFL increasingly cracks down on fun, the Arena Football League wants you to know there's still a place where football players can have a good time. If you smell what the Utah Blaze is cooking.

Little League World Series Regional Finals, 1:00p.m. Saturday (ESPNU & ESPN)

If you love to watch weeping tweens, this is your day. The worldwide leader has about 12 hours of regional championships. The winners get a ticket to Williamsport. The losers might get an ice cream cone if Jimmy stops crying and acts like a big boy.

Soccer Real Madrid vs. Inter Milan, 2:00p.m. Saturday (ESPN)

Cristiano Ronaldo is handsome, rich, and an incredible athlete. It is simply not fair for him to also be a cool dude. His handling of this idiot of the field shows a level of awesomeness that's superhuman.

Deep Bench

TV Bar Rescue, 9:00p.m.Sunday (Spike)

Restaurant expert Jon Taffer tries to save a North Carolina sports bar run by a bickering family of Yankees. Though the previews aren't specific, Taffer says it has the "worst concept ever" and based on this clip, is also staffed by the worst waitress ever.

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