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Straight Outta Cardiff: Welsh side Cardiff City scores huge EPL upset over Manchester City

(Andrew Yates/Getty Images)

(Andrew Yates/Getty Images)

While you were spending your Sunday morning browsing the brunch menu at The Fat Radish or struggling with the childproof cap on a bottle of Advil, EPL fans got to watch one of the biggest upsets in recent memory take place. Thanks to a pair of goals from Frazier Campbell, recently promoted Cardiff City F.C. edged European powerhouse Manchester City, 3-2, to score its first league victory ever. And we really do mean "ever:" Sunday's match was just the second in franchise history for Cardiff City in the 21-year existence of the Premier League.

Cardiff City won in style, too. After falling behind 1-0 in the 52nd minute on an absolute laser of a shot from Manchester City's Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko, Cardiff answered in the 60th minute when Aron Einar Gunnarsson picked up a loose ball in front of Manchester City's goal and buried the rebound. Then Campbell, a product of Manchester United's youth academy, took over. The Cardiff City striker, recently arrived after four seasons with Sunderland, knocked home a pair of headers off corners in the 79th and 87th minutes to give his side a stunning 3-1 lead.

It wasn't over, though, as Manchester City drew within one in the 90th minute on a header from Alvaro Negredo. Cardiff City then had to survive a whopping six minutes of stoppage time, during which Manchester City made a number of heart-stopping runs into the box. But Man City was unable to find the equalizer, and after nearly 97 minutes of play, the final whistle sounded to give Cardiff City the shocking win. You can check out all the goals here.

"That's all well and good," you're probably saying to yourself, "but why should I care that some Welsh team beat the EPL's version of the Dodgers?" Glad you asked! For starters, here's a picture of Cardiff City's owner during the match:


(h/t Eric Beard on Twitter)

We swear that isn't a rejected Zach Galifianakis character. It's Malaysian billionaire Vincent Tan, who bought the team in 2010 and has apparently never gotten the memo that tucking a jersey into pants is the worst possible look imaginable.

There's also the fact that this is one of Cardiff's main sponsors:


(h/t Dan Cowell on Twitter)

That's former American rotisserie chicken chain and love of Cosmo Kramer's life, Kenny Rogers Roasters. There's a purely logical reason why Kenny Rogers Roasters is a sponsor for Cardiff City—Tan is the CEO of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, which owns and operates Kenny Rogers Roasters' restaurants in Asia. In fact, there are 74 of them alone in Malaysia, where the pulsating neon red glow of their signs apparently doesn't keep citizens awake at night. That said, this is a team playing at the highest level of club football on earth that is sponsored by a chicken restaurant founded by Kenny Rogers, and if you don't love that, then you are dead inside.

Oh, and Cardiff City's fans are apparently a fun bunch, too. Here they are mocking Manchester City supporters after Campbell's third goal by doing a dance called "The Poznan:"

Yes, it's just a dance where you turn your back to the field, lock arms and jump up and down; and yes, Manchester City fans didn't even invent it, but merely swiped it from fans of Polish side Lech Poznan. But still, mocking another team's celebration after you just made history against them is A-OK in our book.

So, to recap: If you're looking for an EPL side to root for that combines daring pluck, a super-wealthy owner who can't dress himself, and fast-food rotisserie chicken, Cardiff City has got you covered.