By Ryan Glasspiegel
September 12, 2013


San Francisco web developer Aaron Dracynski is currently testing a Google Glass app called Blue, which seeks to enhance the ballpark experience by providing real-time stats and other information.

He describes the app on his web site:

Blue uses geolocation to figure out which ballpark you're sitting in. It knows who's playing and automatically starts presenting data to you as the game unfolds — stats for every player and pitch, even play-by-play descriptions. Watch a pitch fly by, then Blue will tell you its speed and type. Wondering what call the umpire just made or why that runner got sent back to first base? Blue will let you know.

Dracynski writes that Blue aims to provide data "without interrupting your view of the game." Another thing that won't be interrupting you when you start quoting stats from your giant cyborg glasses at the ballpark? Other human beings.


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