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Past Yankee Retirees Received Absurd Gifts, Including Boats, Guns, and an Elephant

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During Mariano Rivera's swan song tour of Major League Baseball this season, he's received a pretty generous bounty of presents from other organizations, including several donations to his charity foundation, a gold record commemorating his "Enter Sandman" entrance theme, and a heartfelt tribute to perhaps his most memorable failure as a professional.

Given what their legendary closer has already received from other teams, the Yankees would seemingly have to pony up. But it's especially true considering the lavish parting gifts they've showered upon past players.

New York Magazineput together a comprehensive list of these items. Highlights include:

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  • Tommy Henrich received a new car, a piano, and a hunting rifle.
  • Joe DiMaggio's massive score in 1950 needs over 50 bullet points, including a speedboat, a cocker spaniel, two TV sets, and lima beans.
  • Bobby Richardson's presents included flowers, a station wagon, and 1,000 New Testament Bibles.
  • In 1979, the Yankees gave Catfish Hunter a pickup truck, two shotguns, and a 5,500 pound elephant (amongst other things).

While Rivera has always carried himself with humility, one would guess that he'll be disappointed with anything less than a private jet and several endangered species.


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