By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 01, 2013
lifeofaking LA Film Fest

Variety reports that Millenium has bought the rights to distribute Life of a King, a movie in which Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Eugene Brown, a man who started a chess club for inner city students in Washington D.C. after he had been jailed for 18 years. The film was co-written by Jake Goldberger, David Scott, and acclaimed Yahoo sportswriter Dan Wetzel, and is currently scheduled for an early 2014 release.

NBC interviewed the movie's subject in 2007:

It's not lost on some players that white moves first, Brown said; in fact, it's a life lesson.

"You've got to take the initiative, no matter that someone else has it first," said Brown, who is producing a documentary on the region's black chess scene. "All that 'white moves first, white people do this and white people do that' — that is only an excuse, and if you give a chess player an excuse, they are more likely to fail. That's the same in life."

It will be interesting to see where Life of a King ranks among past great chess films, including Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Luzhin Defence, and The Seventh Seal.


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