By austin wood
October 02, 2013

Valve Challenges Traditional Consoles with Steam Machines


PC gaming titan Valve revealed its plan to enter the living-room gaming scene with Steam Machines, a varied line of Steam-centric console machines, complete with a new operating system, SteamOS, and a unique gamepad.

The reveal of SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system "built around Steam itself," began a string of announcements from Valve. Shortly after came the announcement of Steam Machines, to be released in multiple, upgradable models. Early Steam Machines are currently slated for a 2014 release, and with varying price tags. As GameInformer reports, Xi3's Piston, which is designed around the "Steam Box" mentality, is currently up for pre-order for $999.


Lastly, Valve completed the console trinity with the unveiling of Steam Controller, a new, mouse-inspired gamepad (seen above) to be used exclusively with Steam Machines. The wonky little remote incorporates two trackpads in lieu of analog sticks and face buttons, and is centered around a four-button touch-screen. Traditional triggers round out the control scheme.



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Sony May Release a PS4/Vita Bundle 


Speaking with Official PlayStation Magazine, Fergal Gara of Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed that Sony is still considering the possibility of putting PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 together.

"Right now, as I site here today, we're not producing a box that fits a PS4 and PS Vita in that one box," Gara said. "We could probably change our mind in the morning and still have it ready for launch to be honest so it's not a big decision. It's not a hard thing to do. We're still in the planning phase so it's not a yes, it's not a no."

Vita TV's increasingly likely stateside release was not commented on, leaving greater room for bundle speculation.


The Part with the Videos

Find Out How to Criminalize Your Character for Grand Theft Auto Online.

FIFA 14's Real Ball Physics Get Explained All Scientifically. Sort of.


Final Boss

Whether you're buying a PS4 or not, most gamers are looking forward to the release of Sony's next-gen system. Some more than others, as VideoGamerTV pointed out in their candle-lit, moderately unnerving, and entirely hilarious date with the system.

And for this week's Game Times, we're going to have to make an exception to the Final Boss rule and tack on this hysterical video of Michael Jordan himself speaking with the team over at 2K about the NBA, his dream matchups, and his thoughts on twerking.

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