By Sam Page
October 02, 2013


The New York-based improv group Improv Everywhere has a new web series out, "Movies in Real Life," in which actors live out famous movie scenes in public. In the first episode, seen above, they traveled to Philadelphia to recreate the famous Rocky training montage, much to the amusement of the locals. IE founder Charlie Todd provided us with some background on the idea:

SI: Why'd you decide to start with Rocky?

Todd: We're releasing ten of these this fall, but Rocky just felt like the high energy opener to get everyone excited. You gotta start with your training montage first, right?

How'd you pick the areas from the montage that you'd run through?

We studied the running montages in all of the Rocky movies. They are both awesome and ridiculous. He visits the steps in most of the movies, but our video is primarily based on Rocky II, which I think is the best of the montages. Of course in the movies they shoot at dawn and shut down all the streets. It was more difficult doing this with other cars and traffic lights. The house at the beginning is the actual Rocky house. It's on the market now for $139k and we found the address via a real estate listing.

How difficult was it to cast, and then corral, all the kids?

We're lucky to have a pretty big email list of willing participants. I put the word out over the list that we were looking for kids in Philadelphia. Of course most of the kids are too young to be on our list, but parents were excited to bring their kids out. We had a team of people that were responsible for the kids. We bought them ice cream at the end. That definitely helped morale. After that run, they deserved it.

full 43 miles from the Mighty Ducks montage

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