By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 03, 2013

larry birdlillard

Panini America is the exclusive card manufacturer of the NBA, and one of its product lines is the "Flawless" set, which costs $1,250 per pack box. Panini had previously teased that some cards would be autographed by players past and present. Then, yesterday, they released an absurd four-minute trailer that revealed the luxury goods would be packaged inside a sleek, Bond villain-esque metal suitcase.


[E]very one of those briefcases includes either a diamond-embedded base card numbered to 20, an emerald-embedded parallel numbered to five or a diamond-embedded parallel numbered to only one. Real diamonds. Real emeralds. For real.

While this hypothetical situation is presumably impossible, it would be an exquisite form of trolling on Panini's part if you opened the box and discovered that your jewel-embedded card came with the image of a player like Beno Udrih or Jodie Meeks.


Panini America Sports Collectors Daily

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