By Jimmy Traina
October 03, 2013

Look At Mr. Personality!

Matt Kuchar, Tiger Woods :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images Matt Kuchar, Tiger Woods :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Tiger Woods was downright likable today when he and Matt Kuchar executed the Fresh Prince-DJ Jazzy Jeff handshake at the President's Cup.

The Bright Side

Pirates backup catcher Tony Sanchez was left off the team's roster for their upcoming series against the Cardinals. Since Montana was once caught on camera with his finger deep up a nostril, he took today's news in stride.

Clear Winner Here

There's been a lot of catty talk lately about which NBA superstar would beat which NBA superstar if they squared off in a game of one-on-one. No one knows how these games would turn out, but we do know that when it comes to who gets checked the most in rap lyrics: it's M.J. all the way.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Michelle Keegan :: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Michelle Keegan :: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

U.K. actress Michelle Keegan was just named the hottest woman on TV by FHM, so she has to get today's LLOD honors.

He Knows How To Unwind

FC Barcelona's Cesc Fàbregas knows the keys to happiness: a bubble bath and Candy Crush.

NHL Preview

Here are the Google search results for some popular hockey terms.

Live TV Video Of The Day

It's good to see the government shutdown hasn't stopped some politicians from flirting.

Social Experiment Video Of The Day

How do strangers react if you tell them you're high? (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

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