By Jimmy Traina
October 04, 2013

Unfiltered And Unplugged

Eric Decker, Jessie James :: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images Eric Decker, Jessie James :: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

It's good to be Eric Decker. The Broncos are dominating the NFL and the wide receiver has a new E! reality show with his wife, country singer Jessie James. I recently had an extremely fun chat with the couple about what makes their show different from other celebrity couple reality shows, a spoof video that disappeared, how they handle aggressive people on Twitter and more. Check out the Q&A here. On a side note, you should check out their show because it is funny and doesn't seem like one of those scripted reality deals.

NFL Week 5 Betting Guide

Yes, I'm suggesting the Jaguars will cover this week.

Step Away From The Twitter

Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks kicked off with video of the cheap shot Texas wide receiver Mike Davis laid on Iowa State's Deon Broomfield. Davis took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to defend himself against the accusation that he's dirty.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Dominique le Toullec :: Dominique le Toullec ::

Australian model Dominique le Toullec gets today's LLOD honors.

A GIF You Won't Stop Watching

We'd never laugh at a television personality getting hit in the face with a golf club, so we'll just present this link without comment.


Since Paulina Gretzky is a golf WAG, I'm obligated to post this video she sent out on Instagram yesterday.

Terrible Mail Person Video Of The Day

Guess the walk from the street to the door would've bee rough.

Slip And Slide Video Of The Day

So. Freaking. Cool.

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